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Portraits & Headshots Importance of looking good professionally

You might need a new headshot for your social media profiles. Are you using a photo from 10 years ago, something cropped from a picture of you and your ex? Do you have one at all? You could be losing out on career opportunities.

I have a dslr, Heck why not!

Well, quite simply, it’ll look home-made.  It’ll look unprofessional, and it’ll make you look cheap.

It won’t capture you in the best light, at the best angle, and it certainly won’t capture that perfect expression which exudes your personality.

Please don’t expect a $10.00 photo print shop standard. We know our stuff. So should you.

1 pre-shoot meeting/call with the photographer.
Booking date.

24 hours retouched exposures turn around. Post it immediately if you want. We encourage it.

Bookings start from 2 hours onwards.

Ashley Portraits

You don't have to be blonde to be blonde.

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